Thanksgiving can be a dog's Christmas. All the food that your guests drop on the floor is theirs for the taking. However, not all Thanksgiving food should be fed to your dog. Here's a few dangerous foods you should never feed your dog. 

1) Turkey Bones

You may think giving your dogs the bone wouldn't be dangerous but it's extremely dangerous. Turkey and ham bones can splinter your dog’s digestive tract or cut their throat.


2) Turkey Skin

I know it may be weird, but I love turkey skin. It may be my favorite first bite of the meal. However, don't feed this to your dog. Only stick to the white meat. Turkey skin is difficult for your pup to digest and can make your them sick.


3) Cranberry Sauce

If the cranberry sauce contains grapes, or raisins avoid letting your pup have any. Grapes contain a toxin that can damage dog’s kidneys. Avoid giving them this at all costs.


What are some of your favorite treats you may make for your pets around Thanksgiving? Comment and let us know.