A recent graduate at Proctor High School claims one of her former teachers sent inappropriate messages on Facebook and she's not alone.

"Me and multiple girls, two recent graduates and underclassmen have received messages through Facebook from him that have made us all uncomfortable," Angelina shared on Facebook.

The other girls asked to remain anonymous but screenshots of their conversations with Mr. Andrew Pedone were shared. "This man clearly cannot control himself around minors and shouldn’t be trusted working with kids. I don’t know how many times he has done this in the past but I do know that if it goes unchecked he will continue to do it in the future."

Teens Claim Former Utica Teacher Sent Inappropriate Messages on Facebook

Alexandria said the same thing happened to her with a different teacher when she was in high school and she wishes she's spoken out about it like Angelina.

Photo Credit - Alexandria Haddad
Photo Credit - Alexandria Haddad

Angelina says a report has been filed with police and school administrators and the school's principal has since contacted her mother. She's also heard from several other girls who've experienced the same thing since she's spoken out. "This behavior is dangerous and is actively putting young girls at risk."

Mr. Pedone's last day of work at Proctor High School was June 16, 2020, according to Steven Falchi, Administrative Director of Curriculum and Instruction. "The Utica City School District takes this very seriously and in no way condones this type of behavior. Mr. Pedone was not an employee of the school district when this incident occurred. Upon receiving the complaint, the District immediately notified local authorities."

Pedone taught Career & Financial Management and Marketing at Proctor and was making almost $45,000 in the Utica City School District according to See Through NY, a website showing taxpayers how their tax dollars are being spent. And a search on the New York certification site has no record of Pedone ever being a certified teacher.

We tried to reach out to Pedone, but he has since taken down his Facebook page.

"Within the last several days the Utica Police Department has been made aware of social media conversations occurring between a former teacher at the Utica City School District and current or former students," the department shared on Facebook.

In conjunction with the School District, we are currently investigating these conversations for any possible criminal activity.

If anyone else has been contacted by Mr. Pedone, or has been involved in similar activity with him, is asked to contact Investigator Acquaviva by calling 315-223-3516 or 315-534-1240.

Students can report any inappropriate behavior by making a formal complaint to the Office of Student support services at 518-486-6090.

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