Taylor Swift had a two-night stand in Philadelphia over the weekend, and she made the most of her time, visiting with young fans at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and meeting with a cancer patient on a separate occasion.

Swift has such a huge heart and she always carves time out of her schedule to do good things, like, you know, make her fans' lives by meeting with them.

The Children's Hospital has teamed up with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, and it boasts a closed-circuit radio station so patients can play their favorite songs, conduct interviews and have all sorts of fun during their treatment. It certainly helps sick kids pass the time in a productive way.

Swift did not tweet about her visit, choosing not to garner publicity while doing a good deed. It was actually Seacrest who called attention to the '22' singer's kind and generous act.

"@TaylorSwift13 just heard from my team about visit 2 @RyanFoundation at @ChildrensPhila, thnk u 4 spending xtra time," he tweeted.

A visit to the Children's Hospital was not Swift's sole act of kindness while she was in Philly. The singer also met with 11-year-old Aimee Hurlock, who is suffering from Leukemia. The little girl met Swift before the first of two concerts at Lincoln Financial Field.

Aimee wore cherry red lip gloss in emulation of her idol when she met her. "She told me ‘Your lipstick looks good on you,'" the happy fan revealed of what Swift said to her. "She was really pretty and I was starstruck."

That's enough to make your heart melt, isn't it? Swift is such an inspiration to all her female fans.

Aimee has spent a year out of school, with in-home and in-hospital tutors. But she will return to school this fall and start sixth grade! She sure has a big story to tell her classmates -- that she actually met the one and only Taylor Swift.

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