As we get ready for the Holiday shopping season, some big changes will be coming to Target stores across New York.

Target's CEO Brian Cornell announced that the mega-big box store will soon introduce even bigger superstores across New York and the country.

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Target is looking at building newer bigger stores to help serve their customers better. According to, the stores will be around 20,000 square feet larger than Target's current stores which will enable the company the allow for more pick-up spaces, more stock on hand, and the ability to carry very localized items unique to the area where the store is located.

The stores will also have a much more open layout so that customers will be able to access items easier and quicker.

The new larger stores will also allow for more ship-to-store and store pick-up areas for people who prefer to shop online and grab their items at the store instead of walking through the aisles to shop.

"The new store layout delivers a backroom fulfillment space that’s five times larger than previous stores of similar size. This additional space will help support the ongoing growth Target has experienced, with its stores fulfilling more than 95% of the retailer’s digital orders and same-day services accounting for more than 10% of its overall sales,"

Target is hoping to get around 200 current stores remodeled with the new look in 2023 with the aim of having most stores and all new stores using the new larger model by 2024.

The timeline for the remodel and addition of new stores in New York is unknown at this time.

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