If you love roller coasters chances are you have heard of Darien Lake's new addition, The Tantrum. Luke Austin got a chance to ride it over the holiday.

It was awesome, plain and simple.

The new coaster is unique because it takes riders 90 degrees straight up and the drops you at 97 degrees - which is kind of like going upside down on the coaster's first drop.

Then it loops and spins and twists you at speeds over 50 mph before coming to a gentle stop.

In my humble opinion, this coaster is a gem. The open cockpit design keeps you from slamming your head on the shoulder restraints over and over, and the newly designed lap-bar style restraints are super comfortable and reassuring.

The ride up to begin is at 90 degrees so you're facing the sky completely flat on your back. It's actually kind of relaxing.

Then you get to the top and its like falling upside down - if you're a coaster lover you have to experience this. It's so much different than any other coaster's drop and it's so much fun.

The rest of the ride is smooth as silk through a few loops and a corkscrew-like twist.

You can learn more about Darien Lake's new coaster 'The Tantrum' at DarienLake.com.



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