You have three shots to see him, but you will have to hit the road to do it.

For the first time since weed has become legal in New York State, Willie Nelson will be playing some shows in Upstate New York. You'll see the artist with a cult following assuming you're willing to fuel up the car and drive into the states Hudson Valley Region for at least the first of three shows. He isn't coming alone, so you can see a few other artist's too.

Where Can You See Willie?

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The answer there, Bethel Woods Center For The Arts. Willie Nelson will be performing pretty much where Woodstock took place 53 years ago this year. Nelson may not have played at that concert, but his vibe of music sure would have fit the bill. That isn't the only place. Maybe you don't want to drive so far south, take a trip to the Capital Region and see him also at SPAC, or you can go to Western New York and see him in Darien Lake. Many options.

The Dates Are Important To Know

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  • Saturday 8/13 - Bethel Woods Center for The Arts
  • Sunday 8/14 - Darien Lake Amphitheater
  • Sunday 9/18 - Saratoga Performing Arts Center

To check out the entire lineup of artist's playing alongside Willie Nelson at the Outlaw Music Festival, click here. Also click there if you want to find out more information about tickets, they go on sale this upcoming Friday, March 25th to the public.

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