crime stories

Syracuse Man with Machete Charged
Syracuse police found a man carrying a machete and scraping it against the concrete. After advancing on police, he was detained at the scene and has now been charged.
3 Bodies Found in a House Near SUNY Geneseo Campus
A tragic story out of Geneseo, NY occurred over the weekend. The bodies of 2 students and one former student were found in a house near the campus of SUNY Geneseo. According to the Associated Press, "Police said no firearm was used, but a knife was recovered. Police said they believe the perpetrator was one of the victims."
Disappearing Dogs
What is happening in St. Lawrence County? Over the past three weeks police say there have been 15 dogs reported missing within a small radius. They are very concerned and are warning people in the area to make sure they take extra precaution and are asking anyone with any possible lead to come forward.