Utica Girl Works Hard to Give Others a Good Christmas
Gianna Schmidt is an 8-year-old girl from Utica. Each and every year she spends her time collecting bottles and cans and asking people for donations to make sure other children have a good Christmas. This is her third year raising money and former Marine Corps. Sergeant Mike Mills almost fell o…
Help A Soldier Call Home for Free This Christmas
One of the most important things for a soldier deployed overseas is constant contact and communication with their family and loved ones. It may be the only relief they have from the stress and trauma of being in combat or in difficult situations. That is why Senator Joe Griffo and AT&T …
Verona Family Needs Help After Fire Destroys Everything
Friends and family of Jimmy and Kimi Lamphier are asking the community for help after a fire destroyed their home in Verona on October 5th. Thankfully nobody was hurt in the blaze, however the damage was devastating. This family lost everything. Jimmy and Kimi have two young girls. One daughter…
Tiny Homes Being Built For Syracuse Homeless
One of the biggest problems facing the city of Syracuse is homelessness. One young man is taking this problem and facing it head on. Andrew Lunetta is the founder of 'A Tiny Home for Good.' This organization's goal is to build tiny homes for those in need.
Get Out and Golf to Help Caleb's Journey
The young man in this photo is Caleb Leonard. He is a wonderful kid who has overcome so much and still has a long road ahead of him. Caleb has Spina Bifida, which is a neonatal disease that has effected Caleb's function in his lower extremities. He is a great kid and a great brother. As he gets…
Oswego Boy With Cancer See Support From Around the World
Julian Ross is a 9 year old boy who has been battling Stage IV Neuroblastoma for over three years. Now the Oswego child is fighting for his last breath. Julian was diagnosed with cancer of the adrenal gland at age 6 and after 4 relapses, doctors have told the family there is nothing more they can d…
James Robertson Gets Huge Donations For Car
James Roberts is a 56-year-old factory worker who walks to his job five days a week. Sure many people walk to work, but I don't think anyone walks as far as James. A college student found out about James' story and started a GoFundMe page to get him a car and the response was amazing!
$5 Portrait Day To Take Place In Utica For Charity
Arian David Horbovetz is a photographer from Rochester who recently paid a visit to Utica. From photos he took in our fair city, he put together a photo blog titled, Utica, New York: A Day Of Fun. A Story Of Hope. His blog went viral and to show appreciation for the support from our community h…
Communtiy Tries to Save Camp Russell
A vital part of the boy scouting community for the past 100 years will soon be no more. Camp Russell on White Lake is being closed and put up for sale but Scout alum John Stephens is hoping to keep it open. He's started a petition to save Camp Russell.

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