It may have taken 3 years, but I finally got my revenge on office prankster, Andrew Derminio. He's one of those guys that loves Halloween; not for the candy, nor for the costume contests. Our boy lives for the opportunity to scare people.

Turn back the clock to September 30, 2015. Andrew went by Andy in those days, and for Halloween hid in many nooks and crannies waiting for unsuspecting victims, including myself. Without any pre-planning, I found myself in the perfect position to extract my revenge.

Andrew/Andy makes a run to the local coffee shop every morning around 5:30. There's a long driveway from River Road back to the station offices and I just happened to be standing outside as he was returning. Realizing Andrew had no idea I was there, here came the perfect opportunity to get even. And at 5:30 in the morning, revenge is even sweeter.


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