Hurricane Irma is tearing through the Caribbean, leveling islands in its path, on its way to Southern Florida where Tad and Polly's son is.

Matt McAdams moved to Miami about a month ago and lives about a mile from the ocean where Irma could leave catastrophic destruction. He says residents are being told to leave. "They've evacuated about 100,000 people in the barrier islands area. They've evacuated those areas for now and on hold for the rest because nobody knows where this thing is really going to go yet."

They are now running out of gas and trying to ship gas down here as quick as possible

The category 5 storm is packing winds of 185 miles and hour and although weather experts don't know the exact path, it's looking more likely it'll hit South Florida, especially the Keys, this weekend and people are getting prepared. "There's nothing," says Matt. "Canned goods are gone. Water is gone. Bread, batteries, all that stuff is gone. Lines are crazy. That was Wednesday and we still have a couple of days before this thing get here. Everybody is all over the place."

Gas is another hot commodity in Florida. "Gas prices are through the roof," says Matt. "It's gone up about 50 cents or so. They are now running out of gas and trying to ship gas down here as quick as possible."

Matt is among those who've left the direct path of Irma, heading north to the Tampa area. But with the uncertainty of where the hurricane will hit, he may not be any better off.

Watch live footage as Hurricane Irma rips through the Caribbean and the damage left behind.


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