Tired of Taylor Swift? Sick of dabbing? Trends come and go but there's one place in New York they are all going to die. Syracuse University alum Michael Fry's Halloween graveyard is putting annoying trends 6 feet under.

Fry who is an art teacher in New Rochelle, New York also works on props, costumes and puppets at The Jim Henson Company. He used his creative talents and imagination on a Halloween display that puts trends in the grave. From dabbing and watching live TV to the old Taylor Swift and accountability, that is aimed at millennials.

Fry even built a short hallway inside the mouth of one display that leads to the front door. "The head is braced onto the structure and floats in front of the house," says Fry.

What trend would you add to the graveyard?

Duck lip selfies and the Kardashians, every single one of them, need to be included. But the top trend that should be buried is over sensitivity. Someone is always offended by something and it's getting out of hand. I'm sure there's been complaints about this graveyard, which I think is BRILLIANT!


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