Unlike actor Charlie Sheen, Jim Sollecito really IS winning--at just about everything. And he's a good guy.

His Sollecito Landscaping Nursey has been a top business in Syracuse. He had excelled at West Genesee High School, then at Cornell University. Recently, he added to his four fishing world records with another big catch off the coast of Florida this past February. Check out the big snapper he landed that became his fifth world record:

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Credit: Jim Sollecito
Credit: Jim Sollecito

According to Jim, it was "exactly measured for length at 71 cm before being released back into 142 feet of water 5.3 miles offshore of Marathon."

Here are the details on all five of his world records:

  • King Salmon 2011 (fly rod)
  • Spanish Mackerel 2013
  • Arctic Char 2014 (fly rod)
  • Atlantic Salmon 2018 (fly rod)
  • Mutton Snapper 2020

Here's a quick photo gallery of some of his impressive catches:


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