It was just about two years ago when a Syracuse area man was sentenced to weekends in jail for destroying swan eggs in a Syracuse suburb park. Now, the state DEC may force the park to destroy the eggs that they currently have waiting to be hatched!

According to CNY Central,

New rules adopted by the state Department of Environmental Conservation say the mute swan is an invasive species. A community like suburban Manlius can apply for a permit to keep the mute swans they already have in a park - providing they destroy any eggs.

Mayor Paul Whorrall of Manlius believes that these swans are a popular attraction for the town and is hoping to work something out with the DEC to save this round of eggs. Is it really necessary to destroy these swan eggs? If the town can keep the swans contained in their park habitat, I see no reason for the destruction. What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below or let us know on our Facebook page.