If you're planning on partying and having a few adult beverages at Sylvan Beach this summer, you may want to think again. A "zero tolerance" policy, banning all alcoholic beverages on the beach goes into effect this week.

Sylvan Beach Mayor Greg Horan told Syracuse.com, the beach has always had a no alcohol policy, but it seems to be ignored. The mayor says he wants the beach to be a family friendly atmosphere and searches of coolers and backpacks will be enforced.

The crack down on booze at the beach comes after a fight with several people a few weeks ago. State Police were called in to investigate what they called a 'simple assault.' Although Katie Kavanagh, who was involved in the fight called it a “hate crime with gay bashing.”

Officials from the Oneida County Sheriff's Department, State Police and a private security firm from Boonville will help to enforce the ban more aggressively.


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