Yeah, I know what they say. Money can't buy everything. Well, maybe so. But it could buy me a boat. Could it buy this jaw-dropping $16 million yacht seen docked in Sylvan Beach?

This isn't the first time the luxury yacht, named 'Andiamo, has made its way through Central New York. It was spotted in Sylvan Beach around this same time last year, on its way to Michigan from Florida.

Credit - Justin McDermott
Credit - Justin McDermott

One of 17 Boats

The $16 million watercraft, which probably looks nicer than most homes on the inside, is just one of 17 the family owns. It's 22 feet wide by 110 feet long, with plenty of room to spend a summer living on the water.

Jeanne DeLong spoke with the engineer the last time the Palm Beach Andiamo made its way through Central New York. "He would not tell us who the owner was but said it’s something many people have in their homes. He talked to us for a while. Beautiful boat."

Pat Butler saw the gorgeous yacht this time and agrees with DeLong. "It was beautiful."

Credit - Pam Butler
Credit - Pam Butler

Owner Rumors

There are several rumors on who actually does own the boat. Everyone from Kid Rock to the Walton family from Walmart. Whoever really owns the yacht must have more money than the rest of us would know what to do with. Especially if it's just one of 17 in their fleet.

Great Loop

Boaters are known to take “The Great Loop,' which goes through the Great Lakes to the Barge/Erie Canal and the Hudson, down the coast around Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the Mouth of the Mississippi River in Louisiana, up the Mississippi and back to the Great Lakes. It can take anywhere from a few months to a year to complete.

16 Million Dollar Yacht In Sylvan Beach

The Andiamo sailed through Sylvan Beach. According to the Captain and crew, she was coming from Florida and heading to Michigan.

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