The Village of Sylvan Beach is doing away with Lifeguards this summer due to the financial burden and New York State Codes.

According to WKTV, Sylvan Beach officials say it has become 'economically impossible' to keep up with New York State Codes.

Codes state that supervision is required for areas outside of Sylvan Beach's designated swimming area, meaning that lifeguards would have to be responsible for anyone swimming in non-swimming areas too. SYlvan Beach says since they don't own Oneida Lake, they don't actually have the authority to keep people out of the water in unsupervised areas.

Another problem leading to the decision is the code that governs blue-green algae. That says that the beach must be closed anytime blue-green algae is found. Central new Yorkers know that over the years the beach has been shut down several times because of the algae problem.

Just last year blue-green algae led to the beach being shut down for almost half of the swimming season.

The Village of Sylvan Beach says now the area will be 'swim at your own risk,' and the strongly urge that any and all children be supervised by a responsible adult.



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