Are you watching Survivor this year on CBS? Did you happen to catch cast member Jessica Lewis? She is from an hour and a half east of Utica in Voorheesville New York. 

37 year old Jessica Lewis is an Assistant district attorney from Voorheesville. Her specialties are crime against the elderly, and shes handled several other style cases too. She grew up on a farm, and all of that experience has helped her get ready for a season of Survivor. Being on the show will be the first time in her life only focusing on HER.

According to CBS, her personal claim to fame is getting into law school, making it through, passing the bar and excelling as a prosecutor. She did all of this while also getting married and starting a family.

I recently had a trial in which the jury gave me a round of applause when it was completed. The presiding judge later told me he had never seen a prosecutor get a round of applause—and he has been on the bench for over 20 years. That moment was confirmation that the lack of sleep, long hours, hard work, and mental strain were all truly worth enduring."

Her reason for being on Survivor is the following:

"My life is like that set of stairs in the movie Labyrinth: the directions don't make sense nor does the order, but I always manage to find my way through and get where I want to go. For me, those stairs never stop. My motivation comes from within and I will never be done or satisfied."

You can root for Jessica all season on Survivor.


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