The State University of New York has set its guidelines for the Spring Semester as an unusual Fall Semester wraps with several campuses moving from in-person to remote learning and back throughout the term due to the COIVD-19 pandemic.

TownSquare Media, Binghamton
TownSquare Media, Binghamton

SUNY will require all students returning for the spring semester February 1 to be tested for COVID-19, spring break is canceled and masks are mandatory at all times even when six-foot social distancing can be maintained.

SUNY officials say all instruction during the spring term will be remote due concerns about the spread of the coronavirus in enclosed environments like classrooms and lecture halls.  Campuses must notify the SUNY System Administration of any courses that absolutely must have in-person instruction.

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Officials point out that Spring Break is not being canceled as a punishment.  Contrarily, students in the system have managed to keep infection rates fairly low since the return to class in August.  The administration says they are canceling spring break to discourage students from leaving campus to reduce the chance of bringing the virus in from surrounding communities that, like Binghamton, are experiencing spikes in infections.

Students will be getting notices on what they need to know prior to the start of the semester.

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