How do Central New Yorker shovel snow faster? On a hoverboard.

13 year-old Aleric Hoffmeister of Stockbridge didn't want to lift the heavy snow that fell Tuesday, so he improvised with his hoverboard.

Aleric's mom Jennifer Jean says they protected the board before heaving out to shovel. "We wrapped his hover board in saran wrap so we could protect electronics inside it. Then we let it rip."

Despite the small tires spinning in the snow a few times and the hoverboard losing power, Jennifer says Aleric saved himself some time and some heavy lifting. "He moved 5-6 inches of slushy, heavy, wet snow within less than 10 minutes."

Warning to parents. Don't try this at home. I don't know about you but I'd have trouble just staying on the board never mind trying to shovel at the same time. Only a kid could manage both and if they fell off it wouldn't take them a week or more to recover.


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