It looks like compact discs are going the way of the VHS tape and the VCR.

Best Buy has announced that they will stop selling CD's nationwide on July 1 after physical sales (including CD's and vinyl) only counted for a small portion of music sales in 2017. reports that Best Buy will still be selling vinyl records going forward, due to the recent uptick in the interest and nostalgia of vinyl albums and their artwork.

Target stores are following close behind, but with a twist. Target has announced that they will only carry CD's if suppliers take inventory risk.

That means that Target would only pay suppliers for CD's after they've been sold to customers, instead of the old model of paying in advance and then receiving a credit when shipping back unsold units.

Target has reportedly set a deadline for music suppliers to agree with the new terms of April or May 1 for a response.

If not, it looks like you won't be able to buy CD's from Target either.

It's been fun CD's, but now it looks like the future is digital...or vinyl?


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