Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by checking out these fun things to do in Utica during the big day.

The Parade

Start your day off with the St. Patrick's Day Parade. The parade starts at the roundabout and heads down Genesee Street, then over to Columbia Street. It starts at 10am, but be sure to get there early so you can get a good spot.  Plus it's smart to bring a small bag so you have someplace to put all the goodies you get from the different floats, vehicles, and walkers in the parade.
Oh, and don't forget to be decked out in your Irish-wear and green.

Archie and Polly Wogg Ready for St. Patrick's Day
Polly Wogg/TSM

Green Beer

After the parade head down Varick Street for the party. You don't have to start your day off too crazy, just grab a beer or two at one of the many, MANY bars down the strip. But make sure you get a green beer - You have to celebrate right.

St. Patrick's Day beer
Julián Rovagnati/ThinkStock

Irish Food

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with some Irish cuisine - Maybe some corned beef and cabbage or Leek Potato Soup. One of the best places to stop? Head over to the Celtic Harp for Shepard's Pie or a bowl of Guinness Stew. Then you can wash it down with another Irish beer, whether it's a Harp Lager or Guinness.

Back to the Party

After lunch, make your stops down Varick Street. O'Donnell's is sure to have some great deals for St. Patrick's Day. Don't forget to check out Varick Street Bar and Grill, Shots, and Nail Creek just to name a few.

O'Donnell's Sign on Varick Street
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Irish-Themed Drinks

Make sure you're not just sticking to green beer - Try some other Irish-Themed drinks like an Irish Breakfast or an Irish Car-bomb. Be careful though, you only need to sample one or two of these. Otherwise, your St. Patrick's Day celebration may come to a quick end.


Wrap up the night with some Irish music at one of the bars. Back to Celtic Harp, possibly? The Blarney Rebel Band has been hanging out there on Sundays, maybe they'll be back for St. Patrick's Day?
Either way, you're sure to find some authentic Irish music at one of the local bars (especially down Varick Street).

Celebrate all the festivities of St. Patrick's Day right in Utica. Have fun, party on, and of course have a DD so you can get home safe and make it to next year's St. Patrick's Day celebration.



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