Talk about a man on a mission! The newest Spiderman, Tom Holland, channeled his Spidey senses to save a girl at a signing in New York City. A group of grown men were squishing the girl into the metal barrier as they tried to get Tom's autograph, but Tom was not having it.

The girl, @NamelessCass on Twitter, posted a thread of Tweets recounting the interaction as it happened. Cass’s first video showed Tom asking the men pushing her to back up and saying that if they didn’t, he would “throw [their] sh*t on the floor.” As her breathing started to pick up and she said she was having a panic attack, Tom also reassured her that she would be okay.

“You’re literally crushing her. It’s okay. I got you, I got you.”

Isn't he the sweetest?!? As her thread went viral, Cass continued to post about the situation and how grateful she was for Tom “risk[ing] it all for her” by putting the men in their places.

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