With Father's Day on the horizon, you'll see several stories about Dad songs. This isn't one of them. This one is songs that remind you of him; toiling in the sun, teaching you how to drive or just sitting on the bank fishing.

Tad's Dad

My dad grew up on a small farm back in the day when you live off the land.  Grow enough crops to raise your own cows and hogs for meat, a giant garden for vegetables and supplement it all with hunting and fishing.  So here are the three songs that remind me of those days growing up with him.

Jason Aldean - Amarillo Sky

Always praying for sun to plant the crops and begging for rain to make them grow.


Alan Jackson - Drive (For Daddy Gene)

I first learned to drive on tractors, then grain trucks. On the water it was learning how to paddle an aluminum Jon Boat.


Trace Adkins - Just Fishin'

This song is probably a little overly romanticized for my Dad, but we spent a lot of time drowning worms and catching a few too.

Polly's Dad

Brooks N Dunn - Hard Working Man

My father was a BIG Brooks N Dunn fan. He's also the hardest working man I know. This year he'll turn 70 and he can still work circles around me.

Trace Adkins - You're Going to Miss This

Because my dad was such a hard working man, he was rarely home. He did make the occasional sporting event and we did go on a family vacation once a year, but raising my brother and I fell mostly on my mother. It wasn't until we were older and didn't need his advice as much, he realized all he'd missed when we were young. When Trace Adkins' released 'You're Going to Miss This,' it hit a chord with my father.

Kenny Rogers - The Gambler

My father wasn't a gambler. He didn't have time. But we had the Kenny Rogers Gambler album that I can still see today, scuffed cover and all. I played that record, over and over. I even remember watching the movie with my mother and my father coming home, scaring by knocking on the window next to where we were sitting, in the dark. 'The Gambler' is the one song that ever time I hear it, it reminds me of my father and my childhood.