NBA players honored soldiers killed in action in a moving tribute, including a fallen Marine from Oneida, New York. And the moment came at a time when the family needed it most.

LCpl Jeremy Lasher was killed by an IED in Afghanistan in 2009. His name, memory and sacrifice were among those honored by Orlando Magic players. Each player held up a jersey during the National Anthem with names of fallen soldier on the back for the L3Harris’ 17th annual Seats for Soldiers Night Sunday, May 2. "Such an honor and beautiful picture to see," said Lasher's wife, Andrea.

"This couldn't have come at a better time. My son was harassed by a man we did not know the other day for wearing a shirt honoring his father Jeremy, telling him to take it off. So when I saw this, I showed my son I told him some people in this world do care and honor your dad and appreciate the sacrifice he made."

Cole Anthony, whose grandfather was in the military, was the player holding Lasher's jersey, and was happy to show his appreciation for Lasher's bravery and commitment. “I just have a lot of respect for people who serve this country,” he said. “It was definitely an awesome moment. I’m very glad we were able to do that.”

Credit - lutzlivetotell via Instagram
Credit - lutzlivetotell via Instagram

Andrea is not sure who sent Jeremy’s name to the team or if they just picked it themselves, but's she grateful. "This was a moment that meant more to us then so many will understand. It helped a young man not lose hope in humanity and see people still care and support one another. "

Each family will receive the jersey held up during the game and each jersey will be signed by the players. "Sometimes you never know what kindness and support will bring to a son and wife of fallen marine," Andrea said.

LCpl Jeremy Lasher’s life exemplified outstanding service of someone who lived in defense of his family, country and community. He didn’t choose to fight because he hated what was in front of him, he fought because he loved what he left behind.

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