A Columbia County man is behind bars after allegedly booby-trapping a local snowmobile trail.

According to News10.com, Columbia County Sheriff's deputies arrested 31 year-old Jason Higley for putting a trap on one of his neighbor's trails last week.

Reports say Higley rigged up a trip-line between two trees, one that he partially cut, so if and when a snowmobiler came through and hit the wire, the tree would fall on him or her.

Higley allegedly told Deputies that he set the trap because of all the noise and snowmobile traffic on the trail.

Thankfully, the booby-trap was found before it could cause any harm to riders.

The Columbia County Sheriff says the trap was on a smaller trail used by locals, and not a marked trail.

Higley remains in jail on reckless endangerment charges and will appear in court in March.


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