Just about the time planting season arrives there will be a change in the Slow Moving Vehicle law. A bill recently signed by Governor Cuomo will increase the speed limit when it comes to the term Slow Moving Vehicle.  The idea is to protect farmers and non-farmer drivers.

The new legislation increases the speed of Slow Moving Vehicles from 25 to 40 miles per hour. It means any equipment traveling 40 or under, must now display the orange triangle. And yes, 40 mph is correct, although you may see different numbers in other stories.

The majority of accidents involving farm or construction equipment occur when non-farmer drivers fail to understand how slow the machinery is going. Today's equipment travels much faster than the old law of 25 mph and technically wouldn't have required the orange triangle warning.

The Governor signed the bill this past Friday, meaning it would be law after 90 days. You can read more on the legislation at the New York Senates' website and a letter of support at the New York Farm Bureau's website.

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