Silence of The Lambs is a very iconic movie. But, did you know there is a reference to Central New York?

There are so many memorable and quotable scenes in the 1991 blockbuster film, it is easy to overlook a few short sentences. The scene where we get a little shout-out is when Hannibal Lecter is getting told he will receive a transfer if he helps in the search for Buffalo Bill.

The reference is when Jodie Foster says "You will be transferred to the VA hospital in Oneida Park, New York with a view of the woods".

Do you see anything wrong with that line? The obvious problem is, where is Oneida Park, New York? The answer, nowhere. It is a fictional place. There is a park in the Syracuse area called Oneida Shores County Park, but that is nowhere near a VA hospital. Not what they are mentioning.

That is one reason to be upset, although being a movie based on a fictional book, maybe you can't be too mad. Here is the glaring issue that could upset any Central New Yorker, the word Oneida wasn't said correctly. Foster read the line and when saying Oneida, she pronounced it Oh-Nay-Duh. Apparently, she has never been to this portion of New York, or she would say that word correctly.

What is your favorite line or scene from Silence of The Lambs? Maybe the Quid Pro Quo line below?

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