A sign at Mike's Pig Pen restaurant in Watertown, New York is causing quite the stink. It asks customers with diabetes to give themselves a shot in the bathroom.

The owner tried to explain on Facebook why he posted the sign, saying some customers were 'put out' by seeing someone give themselves a shot in the restaurant. The sign has been taken down but the damage has already been done.

Mike's Pig Pen/Facebook
Mike's Pig Pen/Facebook

The original Mike's Pig Pen Facebook page has been taken down but another has popped up in it's place where people are leaving negative comments.

Beverly Richmond Thompson — As the mother of a type 1 diabetic and wife of a type 2 insulin dependent diabetic I find your sign extremely offensive. If I walked into any establishment with a sign like that I would turn around and walk right back out, no matter how good the food is.

Brittany Hellams — Come on man! There are far more "disturbing" things than a quick injection. How about a sign that says "if you need to blow your nose, please go to the restroom". Or "if you prefer to talk with you mouth full of food, please go eat in the restroom"

Kala Williams — Just wanted to congratulate you on ruining you rating and restaurant. Just because one person didn't like someone giving themselves life safe medication you had to completely ruin your way of living.

Sasha Bush — It is discrimination plain and simple to try and force a diabetic to go to the most unsanitary place in the building to check their blood or give a shot... if your customers are put off by it then guess what they don't have to watch... you should be ashamed of yourself.

Celeste Donika Pabon, who posted a photo of the sign also posted a response she received from Mike's Pig Pen.

Amidst the outrage, some people are speaking up for Mike.

Scott Desormo: I have never seen such a bunch of PC garbage. Although it may not have been the best decision to post a sign rather than talking to an individual in person, using a medical device in a dining room of an eating establishment is even more disturbing

Jessica Hartz: Give the guy a break- he's just trying to keep his place open! Needles and people injecting themselves isn't something I want to see when I am eating either. Course if he is going to name it Pig Pen maybe that is what he is attracting

The website MikesPigPen.com was purchased after the domain name expired. It now features a picture of the sign with "An open note to Mike:"

This is discrimination. And discrimination isn't something you want to do these days. Just saying.

Tip of the Day: domain names have expiration dates. What once was a website in 2013 became a parking page became for sale.

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