It sounds like something out of a James Bond movie; sharpshooters, silencers, thermal imaging. But it's Federal Wildlife officials remedying the deer and tick problems around the city of Syracuse. So how do they do it?

In a story first reported by, the Wildlife Management division of the USDA working with Syracuse Police and following DEC guidelines will begin the "targeted removal" of deer in overpopulated areas on the City's east, west, and south sides.

Officials will install bait traps in overpopulated areas located on city-owned and privately owned property. In the case of private property,  written permission has been obtained from the owner. After several weeks of deer using the baited traps, the sharpshooters will be brought in at night to harvest the deer, using silencers, thermal imaging, and spotlights.

Locations of the "targeted removal" areas are not being disclosed to prevent protesters. Officials say the shooting areas will be a minimum of 500 feet from any occupied dwelling. All carcasses will be removed before daybreak and the meat will be processed and donated to homeless shelters.

Read more about the story at and the City of Syracuse's website.

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