Graduating seniors put their Glens Falls high school up for sale as a class prank.

A huge sign hung in front of the school that read: For Sale - Vacant since March, 100 rooms, turf field, 2 full size gyms, swimming pool, auditorium, limited parking, followed by the school's phone number.

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Instead of getting upset, school officials applauded the senior's ingenuity.  "This is why we love our Seniors. While we do not condone senior pranks, we smiled big when we saw the spirit of this year’s extraordinary Class of 2020," the school shared on their Facebook page.

Photo Credit - Glens Falls City Schools

On the back of the banner was a respectful handwritten note explaining the prank, that was 'all in good fun,' to school administrators and the custodial staff. "This made us laugh and tear up at the same time," school officials said.

Photo Credit - Glens Falls City Schools

School officials thanked the seniors "for bringing back a bit of normal fun on what would have been the last day of classes for your high school career."

Ironically the school already had a banner ready to go up to honor the senior class. "We simply replaced yours with even more love for the Class of 2020."

Congratulations Class of 2020!

Photo Credit - Glens Falls City Schools

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