High school seniors may get a prom this year after missing out last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The state has release guidance for holding proms safely this year. Recommendations including dancing zones or staggered times on the dance floor and there's no standing around - everyone needs to be seated. Activities such as eating and dancing, present additional risks for viral transmission of COVID-19.

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To mitigate the risk of spread, proms and balls that involve eating and/or dancing, regardless of venue, must comply with the following restrictions which take effect on June 1, 2021:

• No congregating, except when seated at assigned tables. Guest should only be standing when necessary.
• Provide cocktail receptions where standing is permitted with social distancing. Remove face coverings to only consume food and beverages while seated.
• Live music performers and other entertainers, particularly if unmasked or playing a wind instrument, must be separated from attendees by either 12 feet or an appropriate physical barrier.
• Everyone must dance with members of their same party in designated and clearly marked dancing areas that allow for appropriate social distancing and face coverings must be worn while in the dancing area.
• Dance zones for tables or assign different times on the dance floor, alternating which tables of guests can dance or be seated and enforcing capacity limits for dance floors.
• Staggered intervals for food service at staffed buffets to allow guests to maintain social distance while waiting in line.
• Serve any passed foods like hors d’oeuvres in containers that limit touching of any shared surfaces.

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