Local amateur photographer Shane Muckey captured a stunning solar storm over the 1000 islands that he calls one of the Top 4 he's ever seen in his life.

Muckey waited hours with his equipment to capture the moment and just when he was about to give up hope, it appeared. "It was an amazing show. The storm was much brighter than I anticipated. Definitely worth the wait."

A lot of people have asked Muckey about his camera settings since posting the time lapse video. "In last 2 years of night photography I've learned some tricks," he says. "First, its all about getting light into your camera without sacrificing the shot. If you try your pre-set camera settings, like landscape, vivid, standard ect, you'll find some allow more light in than others. Adjust them manually. Also activate Dlighting to add more light. Be careful with your white balance settings. If you go too cool they'll allow more light in as well. 3100 was a good way too grab another stop of light without blowing the greens out."

Be sure to watch the time lapse video in HD.

Shane Muckey
Shane Muckey

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