Remember the Fort Orange Paper Company in Castleton, outside Albany New York? It's been abandoned for over 16 years but you can see inside. 

Dan Laroe of Northeastern Abandoned Exploration toured the old mill. "It's a lot bigger than it looks when you first approach it."

The mill closed in 2000 but was taken over by Rensselaer County for back taxes. The county had plans to redevelop the site in 2014, but funding for the $250 million project couldn't be secured, according to the Times Union.

The paper mill opened in 1856 when Charles Benthuysen came to Castleton. In 1881 he sold the mill to Woolworth and Graham who called it the Fort Orange Paper Company. Production of post cards, bank books, colored paper, pads, and tablets was increased to about 16 tons per day. By 1895 about 200 men were employed at the mill.

The mill may be abandoned but Laroe says it's well watched by police. "I was escorted out via the Schodack police, who were really cool about the whole thing."

If you're thinking of touring any abandoned building, it's a good idea to get permission before you go.


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