The word amazing is probably used way too often, so let's call it eye opening. A video detailing how the New York State Fair Butter Sculpture is created certainly teaches us many things in the world of food art.

The American Dairy Association Northeast, the group behind the work of the butter sculpture, is presenting virtual dairy experiences each weekday leading up to the unveiling of the annual sculpture Tuesday, September 1st.

Here's what you can learn from the video:

  • Meet the husband and wife team, Jim Victor and Marie Pelton who make the sculpture.
  • This will be their 18th Butter Sculpture for the NY State Fair.
  • Beneath the butter are steel rods and mesh welded and bent into the sculpture shape.
  • It takes about 10 days of sculpting to complete the project.
  • The sculpting room isn't that cold, usually around 64 degrees.
  • The butter used in the sculpture is scrap unsuitable for sale or consumption

Tomorrow the American Dairy Association North East's video will showcase a guest chef creating some of the great fair food dishes you can make at home. Here's the schedule for the remainder on the video series.

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