Pamela Campany from Brownville, New York is a millionaire. The 50-year-old Jefferson County woman scratched off the top prize on the New York Lottery's Cash X60 scratch-off ticket.

“I stopped into the Stewart’s and picked the Cash X60 ticket because I had won some money on it before,” explained Campany. “I brought it home and scratched it at the dinner table with my husband Kenneth.”

“She flipped out when she realized she won $1,000,000,” recalled Kenneth. “I just kept jumping up and down screaming ‘I won, I won,’” she added.

Campany chose to receive a one-time lump sum leaving her with $555,912 after required withholdings. Campany and her husband already know how they will spend their winnings. “We plan to replace our current home with a new modular home.”

“I remember being asked why I thought I was the lucky one to win the jackpot,” recalled Campany. “Why not me? I believe it was just meant to be.”

The life changing ticket was purchased at the Stewart’s Shops on West Main Street in Brownville.

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