I remember the first time I went to the Scottish games at  Long Branch Park in Liverpool. I happened upon a strange competition wherein several burly men were attempting to throw what looked like telephone poles. I later learned that this was called a caber throw, one of a number of traditional Scottish games that will be featured at tomorrows Scottish Games and Celtic Fest. According to their official website there is much more to see and do.

The aroma of Scottish and American Food, the skirl of pipes, the cadence of the drums, the awe of massed bands, the beauty and form of the dancers, the strength of the athletes and the feeling of clanship all contribute to hours of nostalgia and pure enjoyment!

via The 71st Central New York Scottish Games & Celtic Festival August 11, 2012, Long Branch Park, Onondaga County Preparations are well underway for another great day. Look forward to seeing you..

The event will be held at Long Branch Park in Liverpool and runs from 9AM until 7PM, rain or shine. Oh yes, the caber throw. Check out the video for a tutorial.