Science has brought many improvements to farming. From computers that closely monitor milk production to sprayers that use GPS to more accurately apply chemicals. Now Cornell Cooperative Extension is involved in the development of a low lignin alfalfa.
In an article for the Farm Journal's website, Ag Web Jim Dickell says it's hoped the new alfalfa would produce more tonnage per acre with less production costs.  It's easier to digest for cows and in some trials has showed an increase of 2.5lb per cow per day.

CCE's Jeff Miller is inviting you to a check out a trial plot on Swamp Rd off Rte 8 in the town of Cassville July 27th at 11:00am.

Come view how the low lignin and a common commercial alfalfa variety look in mixed swards with 1 tall fescue, 3 meadow fescues, 1 festulolium and 4 orchard grass varieties.

Jerry Cherney, Cornell forage specialist will summarize yield and quality information for the first year and this year’s first harvest.  There's even a free BBQ lunch sponsored by Curtin Farms, Richardson Farms, Louis Gale and Sons and Gold Star.  You need to RSVP by July 20th to Jeff at 315-736-3394 extension 120 or email him

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