The I-81 construction project in Syracuse is on the fast-track.

Senator Charles Schumer was in Syracuse on Monday and said the project’s Environmental Impact Statement will officially be released in two weeks.

Senator Schumer's Offcie
Senator Schumer's Offcie

Schumer said that approval of the EIS statement will trigger a 30 day public comment period follow by what’s called a Record of Decision (ROD) – the final greenlight for the project to begin.

The Senate Majority Leader says once that happens, the jobs can start flowing and so can the federal funds

“Syracuse put on your hard hats and get ready, because we are in the homestretch for the transformation of I-81 to finally begin. The feds are hitting the gas on this project with a now imminent green light and federal dollars close behind,” said Schumer“I made it clear to Secretary Buttigieg that it is essential that the imminent EIS be full, comprehensive and address all the community’s concerns to ensure the success of this project, and I am glad to hear that this final step will be ready in a matter of weeks

The latest news comes on the heels of Schumer announcing $4 billion for local projects in Syracuse, including $300,000 for the Syracuse Build initiative to train Syracuse youth for I-81 construction jobs

Schumer say with construction now set to begin soon, the I-81 construction job training will be key to helping young people enter the labor market and start good-paying careers in construction.

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