Say goodbye to the Blues Brothers in Old Forge. The iconic statues that have been greeting boaters for 18 years are leaving.

Why are the infamous statues being removed? Owner Mello Testa says he was told by new management at Bald Mountain Colony that they draw too much attention and have to be removed. "This has never been an issue until the new owners came in to make changes. He was worried about drawing too much attention. Well the removal of the Blues Brothers is going to draw way more attention than he could have ever imagined."

A Facebook post announcing the sad goodbye has reached over 82 thousand people in just a few days from around the world including Kristine who is braving Hurricane Harvey. "No way!!! We are in Houston living through the hell of Harvey right now. We are flooded in our cul-de-sac. A few days ago when the flooding started but big trucks could get through some were going too fast and pushing water up into our homes. My son said "we need the Blues Brothers at the end of the street and a 'no wake zone' sign just like we see in Old Forge." And now I'm reading this!!! So sad. Let them know the thought of those Blues Brothers brought us to good memories during this horrible time and that to me would be POSITIVE attention."

"I knew they were popular but I had no idea they were this popular," says Testa.

The Brothers have sat at Mello and Cindy Testa's camp at Bald Mountain Colony for almost 20 years. Boaters along the channel between 3rd and 4th lake have stopped to look and take pictures. "Not a boat goes by that is not videoing or snapping pictures. We have to get out the way because they don't want us, they want a picture of them," says Testa.

The new rules have Testa questioning whether he and family will stay in the park or not. "The Blues Brothers are out definitely out. But they will stay in Old Forge. I've had several calls from business owners who would welcome them in a minute for the attention. They belong in Old Forge."

Testa says he only posted the Blues Brothers notice on Facebook to let people know they were leaving. "I had no idea how far it would reach," he says. "Maybe the new owners will change their mind and be heroes instead of zeroes. "

Mello Testa
Mello Testa


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