What do you suppose they typical class schedule looks like for men and women learning to become New York Conservation Officers? Probably environmental issues, illegal hunting and fishing, dealing with injured bears, moose, eagles, and such. There must be one on imitating baby ducks too, because that's what it took to save some in Central New York.

Conservation officer Don Damrath with the assistance of Geddes Police Officer Mike Sheppard recently rescued several baby Mallards from a storm drain at a busy intersection. The rescue took some ingenuity and today's technology to accomplish.

The DEC report says 15 ducklings fell in the sewer. An employee of a nearby business and a member of the Onondaga County Department of Water Environment Protection staff were able to get 12 of the babies back to the surface. But 3 others swam deeper into the drainpipe wouldn't come out. Enter the hero of the story, Officer Damrath. Playing recorded duckling sounds he was able to get the remaining trio to come with in reach.

They were all reunited with mom at a nearby pond.

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