There's nothing quite like experiencing the Christmas season in the Big Apple. From the Rockefeller tree to Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, New York City is a must-visit during the holidays, at least once in your lifetime.

Most Festive Christmas Towns

There are smaller towns all over the Empire State that transform into a Hallmark Christmas movie to put you and the entire family in the holiday spirit too, and they are all worth the trip. But there's one place in New York that's the best Christmas town in the country.

House Beautiful named the 26 Most Festive Christmas Town in the U.S. New York City made the list, coming in at #12. At the top of the list is a smaller town a little further north of the Big Apple.

Christmas Lights Bring Christmas Spirit
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Saratoga Springs, New York

Saratoga Springs, New York has the honor of being named the Most Festive Christmas Town.

Saratoga Springs is a lovely family-friendly destination any time of year, but it's especially fun during the annual Victorian Street Walk.

Streets shut down in the Victorian-era town for a Christmas celebration that includes carolers, live music, and late shopping hours for all those last-minute holiday gifts.

Credit - Andy Holmes/Unsplash
Credit - Andy Holmes/Unsplash

11 NY Christmas Towns Straight Out of Hallmark Movie

you can see all 26 of the best places to be during the holiday season at if you want to start planning your Christmas trip early.

Want to stay a little closer to home during the holidays? Here are 11 Christmas towns that are straight out of a Hallmark movie. Some have even had Hallmark movies shot there.

11 Christmas Towns in New York to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

New York City may be home to the Rockefeller Christmas tree but there are several small towns and villages that will get you in the holiday spirit with all the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams

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