If you've ever had the classic cocktail, The Moscow Mule, than you know exactly what's in it and how it is supposed to be served. Saranac has brilliantly taken the idea behind this popular mixed drink and produced a brand new hard soda just in time for Summer. It's called 'Mule Kicker' and it's the perfect cocktail in a can.

The basic ingredients needed to make the perfect Moscow Mule include vodka, ginger beer, and lime. Pretty simple right? That is basically what the Mule Kicker is. It's a hard ginger beer with a hint of lime. People who enjoy the Moscow Mule usually like to do so in a copper mug. Well look at that, the Saranac can even has a little copper color to it. If you haven't tried this new product, you definitely need to. Be sure to try a Moscow Mule sometime as well.

'Mule Kicker' is available at local grocery stores, Marcy Discount Beverage, and you can always pick up a case at The Brewery Shop.

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