Ryan Gosling grew up in Canada and now lives in California. So, why was the famous actor seen wearing a Central New York high school football jacket?

The 'Barbie' star graduated from a High School in Burlington, Ontario, and did once call New York City home. However, he never lived in the Syracuse area.

Gosling even portrayed a football player in 'Remember the Titans.' But that's just a movie. So, what's the connection?

Gosling Filming SNL in NYC

Gosling was in the Big Apple to tape his appearance on Saturday Night Live, which will air on Saturday, April 13 with Chris Stapleton. As he was leaving Lattanzi Cucina Italiana, a restaurant in New York City, he was mobbed by fans.

No wonder he has several bodyguards.

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Vintage Baldwinsville Football Jacket

As Gosling was taking pictures with a few fans he could be seen wearing a vintage red jacket from the Baldwinsville Central School District. Baldwinsville football is written on the back and the famous bee mascot is on the sleeve.

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A TikTok video posted by @catladyreadsss may have the answer to why Gosling was wearing a football jacket from a school he never attended.

Mark Avery, the man styling Gosling for SNL shone some light on the question. He bought the jacket at a vintage shop for Gosling to wear.

Guess we'll have to tune in Saturday night to see if he's wearing it in the show too.

Mid 80s Football Jacket

Saturday Night Live posted a photo of Gosling doing a read-through while wearing the Baldwinsville Bees jacket.

Baldwinsville football coach Carl Sanfilippo told Syracuse.com, it looks like the jacket from the 1984-1985 era.

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