Who's ready for an RD party at FrogFest 34? Russell Dickerson headlines the all-day outdoor festival at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds on Saturday, June 17.

Who is Russell Dickerson? Let's find out 11 little-known facts about this year's FrogFest headliner.

Q: If there was a movie made about your life, who would play you?
A: Jim Carrey

Q: What’s your guilty pleasure?
A: Cheeseburgers and beer.

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Getty Images
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Q: If we snuck onto your bus and opened your fridge what would we find?
A: Oh, right now you would find tuna salad, cheese, pasta, fruit, and LaCroix. So much LaCroix.

Q: Biggest pet peeve?
A: Oh my gosh, when it’s like later at night, and the light changes right as you’re coming up to it, to red. And then you know, the crossing turns green and nobody’s there. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Q: Your dream duet partner?
A: Hmmm. Celine Dion. No, I’m just kidding. Tim Mcgraw, Usher, Post Malone, Carrie Underwood. I got a whole list.

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Q: A song you wish you’d written?
A: Ooh. Cruise by Florida Georgia Line. Or Friends In Low Places. Like, can you imagine writing a song that’s played in every bar, every single night? That's just next level.

Q: One thing you’d hate to admit?
A: I might be a little OCD, but I think it might just be hyper-focused. I don’t know. I’m all jacked up. That’s why all the energy in my body is just stuck on overdrive.

2023 Country Kick-Off Concert
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Q: Last time you laughed so hard you cried?
A: Probably playing Quiplash. Have y’all played Quiplash? It’s a game on Apple TV. So you basically just come up with funny answers. It’ll ask a question or say a prompt, and you come up with a funny answer. So it’s like, the name of, Celine Dion’s pet monkey. You come up with like, the goofiest, probably provocative, whatever. Then you vote on the best answer.

Q: The last movie that made you cry?
A: The Adam Project. It gets you right there. I should be a spokesperson for Ryan Reynolds and the Adam Project with how many people I've told to watch it, I love it.

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CMT Hot 20 Countdown: Live In Austin
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Q: One thing few people know about you?
A: Um, that I'm a preacher’s kid. Probably not many people know that.

Q: Growing up, did you ever want to be anything else besides a country artist?
A: Uh, I feel like freshman year of high school, I saw that Martin Lawrence movie Blue Streak where they duct tape those huge diamonds inside of a building, and then it’s under construction. I love that movie. I used to jam to the soundtrack, and was like, I'm going into criminal justice baby. But I wouldn't make a good interrogator.

Provided Photo
Provided Photo

FrogFest 34

Russell Dickerson, one of country music's hottest stars, will headline FrogFest 34, presented by Curtis Lumber on June 17 at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds.

WHAT: FrogFest 34
WHEN: June 17
WHERE: Herkimer County Fairgrounds
GATES: 11:30 AM
MUSIC: 12:00 PM


Dickerson will end a day filled with live music from Central New York's favorite local bands and new talent from Nashville. Mike Gossin, formerly of Gloriana, and a New Hartford native, will perform his first solo concert before a hometown crowd.

Thomas Rhett With Russell Dickerson, Dustin Lynch And Rhett Atkins In Concert - Nashville, TN
Getty Images

Russell Dickerson

Mike Gossin (former of Gloriana)
Mark Taylor
Alyssa Trahan
Whiskey Creek
Broken Rule
Grizzly Ridge Band
Grit N Grace

Russell Dickerson Interview

FrogFest 34

FrogFest 34 is brought to you by Toyota, Standard Heating Cooling & Insulating, The Potting Shed Antiques, Busch Light, John's Mobile Homes, Big Apple Music, Bear Arms Gun Shop, Nirvana Water, and CABVI.

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