Boy talk about running on a string of bad luck.  On the way home from last night's acoustic show, I decided a quick snack would hit the spot.  I'll just stop off at the Nice N Easy at Route 233 and 5, it's gone.  Then when I got up this morning, my first thought was  a morning jolt and egg mcmuffin.  McDonald's on Seneca Turnpike here I come.  Closed!  What?

It appears both franchises are being remodeled.  Speaking to some of the construction workers at the Nice N Easy location, it's a major renovation as the building and pumps are all gone.  He didn't know a target date for reopening.

A spokesperson for McDonald's says they're shooting for a mid-December re-opening but decor and layouts weren't finalized.  But it will be "The Newest McDonald's in the World" when it opens.