Ronnie Dunn has made no secret of his distaste for corporate or conglomerate radio. Now he is hinting that former partner Kix Brook's involvement with the syndicated American Country Countdown show may have been a big reason for the duo's split. He addressed the issue on his Facebook page.

Kix Brooks was quick to respond on Ronnie's Facebook page.

Leon Brooks this one really makes me sad pard - whatever you've got going on with with your attack on Radio now is certainly your business, but when someone said you'd implied that my hosting ACC had something to do with any lack of BnD success at Radio i didn't believe it - if you remember ABC not Cumulus signed me back in 06 - a big network, but every major network without exception carried the show though out our carrier - i sat down with you and asked you what you thought, and said i would never do it if you thought there was any chance it would not be good for us - you encouraged me to do so - it's been really fun for me - today our dear friend Reba called to congratulate me on winning the National Air Personality award - i was so excited, and then i read this - i cherish the years we made music and ran the road together -thanks to these fans we certainly got to live the dream -


Hope these two work out their differences as I'm looking forward to getting my tickets to their first (hopefully) reunion tour.

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