Alicia Waterman is warning Rome residents after someone knocked on her door claiming to work for Rome DPW.

"I had a white male in his 30’s knock on my door wearing a neon vest (no badges on his vest) claiming to work for Rome DPW, driving a beat up silver Subaru Outback that was loudly running at the end of my driveway," Alicia writes on Facebook. "He explained he worked for Rome DPW and asked if I wanted him to put extra asphalt he had at the end of my driveway."

Alicia listened to the 'speel' but says she wasn't buying it. "The whole time I was suspicious. He then began to tell me it was only $1-$2 a foot. I said no thank you and as he was walking away he asked if I owned the house. I quickly closed the door and locked my house."

Hoping to give Rome residents a heads up, Alicia shared on Facebook. "I’m positive it was a scam."

A scam it seems to be. John Adamo works for the Rome DPW and says "we don’t go to people houses to give them fill without permission and definitely don’t drive a car we drive orange or white work trucks with the city logos on them."

This may not have been the first time either. Anthony Trophia says "this happened to my neighbor. The guy dumped the asphalt and then said he was from the city."

Residents are reminded to report any and all suspicious activity to the proper authorities.


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