Prayers do get answered and good things still happen.  Rome teen, Gregory Mignot had a present for officers of the Rome Police Department who were there in his time of need.

Turn back the hands of time to 2018, Gregory was just 10 years old and had been diagnosed Osteosarcoma bone cancer. Facing 9 months of Chemo at Galisano Children's Hospital in Syracuse, Officers gave him a tour of the Rome Police Station, let him sit in a squad car, and even try on a Kevlar vest just to take his mind off the diagnosis.

As the officers in the Rome Department are well known for, they went the extra step. They collected donations to benefit a fundraiser to help Gregory's treatment. Now spin the clock forward three years, and Gregory is doing great, happy and and healthy. And he never forgot the officers efforts.

As a way of saying thanks, Gregory presented the department with a hand-made plaque he and his father created feature their protect and serve emblem. The officers were obviously honored by the gesture, and even more impressed when he told them he plans to attend college to become a police officer.

Here are some photos from Gregory's visit to the department in 2018.

Rome Police Department
Rome Police Department

We are with you Gregory in your battle and pray you come through Chemo with flying colors.

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