When you have two young kids quarantined at home, you'll do almost anything to keep them entertained. A Rome family used glow sticks.

Easter came early for 5-year-old Grayson 5 & 3-year-old Everly. "My sister did a drop off Easter basket and they each got a package of glow sticks," says mom Sara Rowe.

It was her husband Jay who came up with the idea to use the glow stick to light up the kids. "Grayson is a ham so was all over this idea," Sara said. "He loves to dance and Everly always is down to do what big brother is doing."

All that was required was a little scotch tape to make them stick and a little music to make the kids dance. "Gotta keep them entertained during quarantine but I'm pretty sure this was more entertaining for my husband and I then the kids."

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