Sometimes a simple act of kindness can come in an unexpected form.

It certainly did on Friday, when Jessica Sobel in Rome said she walked out her front door to find a grocery bag with a loaf of bread inside.

"My first thought was, did i really buy bread and forget about it?" Sobel told us through Facebook. "Then i noticed my neighbor also had a bag, and his neighbor, and every house i could see within standing distance. No note, no expectations, just a loaf of bread on 25-30 door steps."

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The anonymous bread-gifter left absolutely no trace, seemingly just wanting to brighten people's days. Sobel and her neighbors wanted to send a sincere thank you to this person for being so selfless, even though they didn't ask for any thanks in return. And this person's kind actions certainly did not go unnoticed. Sobel pointed out how special the gesture was, given all that's happened in Rome lately.

"Maybe its a deed not worth writing about, but after viral videos, deaths, [and] drug over doses, it was a heart warming win."

Jessica Sobel
Jessica Sobel

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